IV Therapy

Due to our ever-changing medical landscape it is important to stay well and keep your immune system strong.  Studies have shown that and increase in vitamin C, D and Zinc can boost the immune system and, in turn, hinder the replication of many viruses. At this time, we highly recommend the use  IV vitamin therapy to keep your body healthy.
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Natural Defense Immune System

Boost immune system and keep resilient against viral  illnesses at work and home. Infused with high-impact nutrients, antioxidants, vitamin C, D and Zinc. Use preventatively to aide your body’s ability and avoid getting run down or feel better quickly if a cold or flu has taken hold.

Performance and Recovery

A blend of trace minerals and amino acids for muscle recovery and energy boost.

Hangover Helper

Infused with essential vitamins, minerals, and anti-nausea properties.  It replenishes electrolytes and rehydrates the brain and other organs in order to boost energy and decrease headaches and “brain fog” within minutes.


Youthful Glow

Blend including Magnesium, Selenium, B Complex for a beautiful glow.